The discussions about Sanketham of Trivandrum Press Club need one more final clarification from my side. I came up in support of Sanketham because I feel playing double standards in the guise of a Messiah is far more deplorable than being part of a so called ‘morally degraded’ group. Morally degraded is far better than being crooked.

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While the Messiah used to take liquor, he was never bothered whether the bar was licensed or not. But when forced to QUIT drinking due to health constraints, the status of the so called ‘bar’ became an issue for him.

The status of Sanketham is a non-issue for me because; I have never considered it as a bar. Those who drink, brings their share of liquor there and sit with it, which least bothers me. My intention in going there is to take rest, sleep or sometimes play.

Now after all these mess, people have stopped bringing in liquor. Instead they drink from outside and come in. Not in a FIVE STAR BAR, but CAR-O-BAR. I think these moralists have no problem with that. Earlier too, I have seen many mobile bars floating in the city traffic, just below the nose of law enforcing authorities. Now the numbers might have increased.


If a drunkard turned angel is 100% right, then my share should be 200%. Here I am not using the term drunkard in a derogatory sense. When he calls others a drunkard now, the same was applicable to him some days before. Even by those standards, I am competent enough to challenge the Messiah.

I was not a drunkard.
I am not a drunkard.
I will not be a drunkard.
It’s not because my morals are too high.
I know that I lack the capacity for taking liquor.

I am least bothered about those who deplore me for my stand. I hardly need any conduct certificate from you moralists. I am not an advocate of any unlicensed bar, if one exists. I am trying to raise my voice against double standards propagated by the so called Messiahs of society.


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