Nail biting.
Edge of the seat.
Whatever you say.
Its unbelievable.
But from this moment I believe the World Cup belongs to India.


Till last three balls, it was all Bangladesh.
India looked too fragile.
Everybody believed -me too -its curtains to India’s World Cup Campaign.

From the verge of thrashing out, India is back.
Bangladesh beaten by 1 run.
Do you believe this? The margin is just 1 run.


I’m sure that many might have switched off the television sets and gone to sleep. Must tell you guys, you people missed a thriller.

11 to win in last over, match was all Bangladeshis.
2 boundaries came.
2 catches too.
And a magical running runout by Captain Cool nailed the neighbour’s coffin.
Dhoni was in there as a flash.
Usain Bolt was happy thas Dhoni was not into sprinting.


2 runs were needed when 3 balls remained.
3 wickets falling in last 3 balls!!
I’m pinching my hands, grabbing my hair to ensure its not a dream.

Bangladeshis brought themselves the downfall by going for big shots, when just a tap for 1 or 2 was needed.

1  4  4  W  W  W

Hats off Dhoni, for your cool head!!!
Some say it was the first time a Bangladeshi failed to cross the border!!!!

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